People say they have a broad thinking and still think that boy and a girl can never be best friends…. but do you think that’s true? to me Its wrong.. it’s that the broad minded people have a narrow thinking !! let’s go through a story of Anoha and Neetish which might change the thinking of people.
Anoha and Neetish met in a college where both had only one aim that was to complete their degree but.., fortunately along with the degree they found thier best friend at college !! Once the college started they both were with their own different gangs and they never interacted neither during class hours nor after college… few months passed, the projects and assignments started the two gangs merged as one and they started talking, did projects with each other , teased each other, shared their point of view with each other., ate their lunch together and even somedays they use to get back home together. A day came were they exchanged numbers and started talking to each other even when they where at home… they started hanging out with each other even late in the night… shared everything.. went to each other’s house and got comfortable there as it was thier house… helped each other solve thier problems. These two got closer day by day and their other friends who said we will always be there asusual left… on the graduation day they were the only best friends who were still best friends. Everyone knew that after graduation hardly anyone would stay in touch with each other but Neetish and Anoha never separated to get back in touch. Some misunderstandings too occurred and tried separating them but wasn’t successful as no misunderstanding can separate two people in love …yes the friends love !!! ( Love is not only between lovers it’s between friends also who love each other more than lovers ) They both could do anything for each other and never put other in problem…guide each other…do anything and everything a best friend would do !! Once Anoha fell in love with a guy named karan who was 5 years elder to Anoha and their families were not ready to accept their relationship because of the age gap so Neetish was the one who spoke to Anoha’s family made them understand and got both of them settled in life.. even after Anoha got married thier bond remained the same never broke instead, all the three use to hangout together and had no issues with anyone !! Neetish started developing feeling for a girl and he shared it with Anoha … Anoha knew she was not the right girl for Neetish and told him, Neetish disagreed to Anoha and planned to get married to her and on the wedding day she left Neetish and ran away. Neetish regretted not listening to his best friend who knew him inside out !! In all the bad time’s in Neetish’s life he had only Anoha standing by his side and she was the one who helped Neetish get back and forget what ever had happened.. She made him a happy, strong and capable person because of which he got a job abroad and settled there … Anoha lived in India and Neetish in abroad.. they hardly spoke everyday as both were busy with thier life’s but once they spoke they could talk to each other for hours …even distance could not separate them !! And the day they met it never seemed like they were meeting after a really long time.

They stayed Together Forever and Ever
This is true friendship!!
Let’s change our mindset and learn the meaning of true friendship!!♥️



Remember what you must do
When they undervalue you,
When they think
Your softness is your weakness,
When they treat your kindness
Like it is their advantage…

You awaken
Every dragon,
Every wolf,
Every monster,
Thay sleeps inside you
and you remind them
What hell looks like
When it wears the skin
Of a gentle human….



Imagine….You have a person to die for and everything is perfect😍 in your little world. But, one day that person walks away leaving you😢 in complete distraught without giving you a single reason for whatever they did. And then after years of waiting with a confused state of mind that person comes back claiming that he/she missed you the most in all these years. And just when you starts to question their trustworthiness they pull out a photograph of you that they stole from your wallet back when you met. Just imagine them holding your photograph for all those years in hopes of seeing you again. Just Freaking Imagine..

Thoughts by- JD


” When I got enough confidence, the stage was gone….. When I was sure of Losing, I won……. When I needed People the most, they Left me……. When I learnt to dry my Tears, I found a shoulder to Cry on…… When I mastered the Skill of Hating, Someone started Loving me And, while waiting for Light for Hours when I fell asleep, the Sun came out….. That’s LIFE!! No matter what you Plan, you never know what Life has Planned for you…… Success introduces you to the World……. But Failure introduces the World to you……. ……Always be Happy!! Often when we lose Hope and think this is the end… God smiles from above and says, “Relax Sweetheart; It’s just a Bend, not the End..!

Written By- Sophia Loren (Actress)


You say that those feelings aren’t there and that you want to be “just freinds” I agree because that’s better then not having you at all… But if that’s true that those feelings aren’t there I have a few simple questions for you
If you don’t like me why do u always have a huge smile when you are around me?
Why do you jump at every chance to see me or talk to me?
Why do your freinds always tease you about me?
If you don’t like me why are you always so jealous of other guys in my life?
Why do you always tell me not to talk to or go out with the guys that are interested in me?
If you don’t like me why do you never want to leave when we hang out?
If you don’t like me why will you do anything for me and nobody else?
Why did u tell me I was the perfect girl for you and that I was just what u were looking for and what you wanted and needed?
If you don’t like me why do you act like you do??



Queen in The Garbage!!

Hmm… What to say? The title might force you to think, what must be my article about. So, it had given you the idea that it talks about female gender. Yes! Every day the news flashes, sometimes it gives how wonderfully women is achieving the success and sometimes it gives how much women are suffering without uttering a single word. But who cares because media is busy with showing what men have achieved and other non-sense topics like what’s going on in celebrity’s life.

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My main concern about writing this article is about women going through lot many tortures and the main torture is sexual torture or sexual misconduct. Recently the cruel deed took place in Kathua, Jammu & Kashmir due to which the topic got burn and now the people want a severe law to be made against it. It is just a matter of few days… Soon the days passed people will forget and get back to their life and people who do this kind of shits will be free to do another shit. I know everyone has a sexual desire that needed to be satisfied. Remember whether a male or a female is not ready to consummate then a No Means No. A rapist is heartless who only have the lust to get what he wanted whether by hook or crook. The people who are protesting the criminals are you really concern about that child? Some people putting black picture as dp on WhatsApp, sharing images of that innocent girl with quotes written over it on Instagram and Facebook. Do you really think putting Dp on WhatsApp will really help that poor girl to get justice? I can understand sharing images on social media will do as people will get to know the fact. Do something that will help females to be secure in this cruel world. By all this non-sense shit coming over, parents of females no doubt will get worrying and panicking and will put some restrictions on their daughters. The restrictions would end up one’s career and happiness. And surely no Father-Mother wants this. But let me tell you taking away their freedom will not help you to overcome your fear. Although it will create distance between you and your daughters. Daughters are the most precious gift that anyone could have. We should not burden our children to do this and that instead prepare themselves to fight for their pride and respect. The girl who died after being raped that too in the temple (where the girl in periods are not allowed) must not want another girl suffering. She might want the justice and a safer place for girls. After every now then the incidences of rape are on ears, being a girl, I feel insecure roaming in this country. We are in the same country where women are worshipped and in the same country we treat her like an object. Ever since the birth we(females) have been taught how to behave, sit, talk, etc. in front of everyone but not a single person teaches their son how to behave and most importantly to respect every gender whether a male, female or a transgender. Now one thing has been cleared Clothes are not at fault. The girl in suit sarees, burkha as well as skirt all are being raped, ill-treated or being abused by the males.


How does all this start? At our home itself. Not at all homes but at some homes father only mis-treat mother which the children’s being seeing this from their childhood. Now think how this has impacted on them as we know being the typical Bhartiya Naari the Mother would have not been Protested this violence and had shut the mouth of her children’s. So, the children’s got this in their mind that ultimately the females must bow down and drink this treatment as a water for survival. What type of satisfaction it gives you when you without the consent of the opposite sex fuck her? Not only for satisfying your needs but to take revenge on her or her family, the fuck approach has been used. By ruining any girl’s life will never give you any sort of happiness instead after some point of time the worst will happen to you. Asifa was just an 8-year-old girl. She might have not known the word “sex” forget its meaning. How she had gone through all this! As a human being, I was concern about her after knowing the incident but as the time passes I would not say that I forgot but yes, I was enjoying in my own life. A bit concern about what happened to that girl, how she had gone through! Not me only but everyone of you gone through that process only. What we do when this type of crime happens- just think over it for a while. What I want to convey you is that just don’t protest or change icons or any other violent things, but a law should be created but with law common people should also understand that it is wholly their duty to make women feel secure in this world by respecting them, by allowing them to choose their profession and most importantly not to look at them like a piece of object.

As I’m heading towards the end, I again heard the news of a girl getting raped at a gunpoint in Jharkhand. Please people stop this and become a being that will respect all genders. We should make our world a better place to stay for all.


Kindly share your reviews and please don’t be offensive or abusive. This are totally my thoughts and my views.


Why is it that you broke 💔 me in every possible way but i still want you?? Why is it that I have cried over you and you put me in pain but all I can do is think about you? I think I am in love with you…It’s hard to understand…😣 You put me through so much pain and yet I still want you.. Every call📱 or text message I am hoping that it’s you… I hope that one day you will come back to me… I know I shouldn’t want you back… I know you probably don’t want me but all I can do is hope and try and move on…