What She Truly Mean When She Say “I Love You….”

When she say ‘I love you’, it means that she treasure your heart❤. It means that she value you. And it means that she see a future with you 💏.

When she say ‘I love you’, it means that she trust you with her whole soul. It means that you being happy😁, makes her happy. And it means that she would never ever want to do anything to hurt💔 you.

So, when she say, ‘I love you’, please do not take it lightly…

By- Unknown


Kitna mushkil hota hai usse manana,
Jo naraz bhi na ho aur baat bhi na kare…🙂

Utna hi mushkil hai jab aankhon mein sagar jitne aansu ho aur ro bhi na payen…

Mushkil toh wo hai jab aankhein sab kuch kahe rahi hai aur zubaan par kuch bhi na aaye..



She may be a beauty😍💋..But she is all savage🔥,
She is mad but she is magic …There’s no lie in her fire,
She has an anger issues get irritated and catch attitude in 3 seconds but she is a sweetheart I swear🙂…
She wore a smile😁…like a loaded gun🔫…
She smiled softly but this time it was different Her face smile but her EYES👀 didn’t ..
Behind her smile there is a story you would never understand….✌🏻

But overall she is a darling…😘❤️😘


Sometimes, you need to accept that the other person doesn’t feel for you the way you feel for that person😊. And it’s not always a betrayal. Sometimes, people do drift apart. Sometimes, it’s just a destiny. You can’t fight it. You can’t force it. You can only accept it and move on,with an ache in your heart ❤️and a scar on your soul. And it will give you something,this seperation,this heartbreak💔. Something deep within you will change for the better😊. One day, the darkness within will lit up your core to new possibilities that you never saw earlier. So maybe, just forgive that person and rid yourself of all that hurt and regret that could echo in your being forever. It’s heartbreaking,yes, but it can also be a new beautiful start, a new life, a new you. And don’t you worry, my dear. We all heal with time. We all find another person. And we all live on. It was just a chapter, not the whole book. Big hug…😘


🤗🤗Friendship day🤗🤗…….
😇💌 “True friendship isn’t about being inseparable, it’s being separate and nothing changes.”
*”That’s when I realized what a true friend was. Someone who would always love you-the imperfect you, the confused you, the wrong you-because that is that people are supposed to do.”*
*One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood….*
*Tum jaise chutiyon ka sahara hai doston ye ❤dil tumhare pyaar ka maara hai doston..*

(Dedicated to all my friends..)


The person who loves you selflessly…

The person who cares for you..who misses you…

Yess I am talking about “One sided lovers…💟” They love you without getting loved back…☺

You can’t love them back may be because of some personal reasons But You should respect the FEELINGS & EMOTIONS of the person which he/she is having for you…

Never ignore that person😣..Don’t let them feel that they are in love with a wrong person…Don’t always tell them that you are busyy…

Start respecting them.. Give respect to their feelings and emotions…

Love from one sided lovers are always true…They may love you but they will not beg,if they have to keep on looking for your attention they will get hurt…Don’t hurt them…If you can’t love them back atleast try to keep them happy by your friendship only…This will show humanity from your side…☺

Respect🙂 and Love❤ are mutually dependent…If you fail to give one, you lose the other…


People say they have a broad thinking and still think that boy and a girl can never be best friends…. but do you think that’s true? to me Its wrong.. it’s that the broad minded people have a narrow thinking !! let’s go through a story of Anoha and Neetish which might change the thinking of people.
Anoha and Neetish met in a college where both had only one aim that was to complete their degree but.., fortunately along with the degree they found thier best friend at college !! Once the college started they both were with their own different gangs and they never interacted neither during class hours nor after college… few months passed, the projects and assignments started the two gangs merged as one and they started talking, did projects with each other , teased each other, shared their point of view with each other., ate their lunch together and even somedays they use to get back home together. A day came were they exchanged numbers and started talking to each other even when they where at home… they started hanging out with each other even late in the night… shared everything.. went to each other’s house and got comfortable there as it was thier house… helped each other solve thier problems. These two got closer day by day and their other friends who said we will always be there asusual left… on the graduation day they were the only best friends who were still best friends. Everyone knew that after graduation hardly anyone would stay in touch with each other but Neetish and Anoha never separated to get back in touch. Some misunderstandings too occurred and tried separating them but wasn’t successful as no misunderstanding can separate two people in love …yes the friends love !!! ( Love is not only between lovers it’s between friends also who love each other more than lovers ) They both could do anything for each other and never put other in problem…guide each other…do anything and everything a best friend would do !! Once Anoha fell in love with a guy named karan who was 5 years elder to Anoha and their families were not ready to accept their relationship because of the age gap so Neetish was the one who spoke to Anoha’s family made them understand and got both of them settled in life.. even after Anoha got married thier bond remained the same never broke instead, all the three use to hangout together and had no issues with anyone !! Neetish started developing feeling for a girl and he shared it with Anoha … Anoha knew she was not the right girl for Neetish and told him, Neetish disagreed to Anoha and planned to get married to her and on the wedding day she left Neetish and ran away. Neetish regretted not listening to his best friend who knew him inside out !! In all the bad time’s in Neetish’s life he had only Anoha standing by his side and she was the one who helped Neetish get back and forget what ever had happened.. She made him a happy, strong and capable person because of which he got a job abroad and settled there … Anoha lived in India and Neetish in abroad.. they hardly spoke everyday as both were busy with thier life’s but once they spoke they could talk to each other for hours …even distance could not separate them !! And the day they met it never seemed like they were meeting after a really long time.

They stayed Together Forever and Ever
This is true friendship!!
Let’s change our mindset and learn the meaning of true friendship!!♥️


Remember what you must do
When they undervalue you,
When they think
Your softness is your weakness,
When they treat your kindness
Like it is their advantage…

You awaken
Every dragon,
Every wolf,
Every monster,
Thay sleeps inside you
and you remind them
What hell looks like
When it wears the skin
Of a gentle human….